MM=R:P: An equation at the basis of our history

ModaMate has its roots in the 80s of the last century from an initiative of Renato Piano, a Milanese entrepreneur and designer born in 1964.

From a very young age, in his free time, Renato helped his mother in the family business that manufactured buttons.
At the age of 16 Renato opened his first company with a group of friends that dealt with the sale and production of sportswear.

It is the official beginning of his bond with the world of fashion which, through ModaMate, will later accompany him for the rest of his working life.

ModaMate (NOW)

A company that believes in the future and focuses on young people, and a consolidated working reality that knows the value of experience.

This is why people of every age and nation work and collaborate with us, so we are able to understand and interpret the needs of our customers and their goals in the best possible way.